FAQs DirectDonor.com

Q1. What does this Platform offer?

A1. Direct connect between needy-beneficiary and willing donor. We believe that donation decisions are best made by donors, who should be able to choose their preferred beneficiary target, and directly reach out to them without any money-holding-intermediary. This is a movement to bring utmost speed, transparency, and accountability via a peer to peer direct donation system.

Q2. How do i believe or know that the listed beneficiary is genuine?

A2. Beneficiaries are endorsed by Campaign managers, whose details are published on the Campaign Face-card. We transfer random test amount to beneficiary accounts, and phone verify confirmation of random test amount. We state all the facts in background information. We disclose all the needful contact, and money transfer details. We then rest the case to the judgement of the wise donors, thus information enabling them where they would like to put their charity money. Having said that, feel free to contact the beneficiary via phone. Besides donation, we encourage you to personally connect with the beneficiary.

Q3. Who qualifies to be a beneficiary on this Platform?

A3. Generally anybody, as long as he or she is giving true disclosure of all the facts to the visiting donors. To create a campaign for your community, or to add a beneficiary to existing campaign reach us out directly, or through suitable campaign manager. If the beneficiary is a minor, or not in position to receive phone calls, or funds directly, then he or she may need a faithful guardian to represent him or her. Immediate family member is a desirable choice. In its absence, we can host a fiduciary guardian.

Q4. What are legalities involved with respect to Donation Taxation, FEMA guidelines for overseas donors?

A4. The form of donation on this platform is individual peer to peer. The beneficiaries are usually not in the taxable income bracket. The donors are making a direct one to one donation gift of their own accord. Given the individuality of direct transfer to a needy account, magnitude of amount involved, and the credibility of an open transparent public receipt - no major legal issues are anticipated. As a platform, we do not hold your money nor we take any commission cuts on it.

Q5. How does the platform sustain on 0% commission and 0% fee?

A5. Looking at the design and structure of the platform, many well placed professionals voluntarily contribute their time and resources to keep this movement going. Since none of the volunteers charge the platform, we can stay free as long as it lasts. Worse comes, we may raise a Beneficiary Card for Ourselves on the platform to ask for Donor support.

Q6. Who audits the donation activity on the Platform?

A6. All relevant money transfer information is openly disclosed on the platform for Public Consumption. We submit to a 24*7*365 public scrutiny and audit. If you find any mismatches, report to us, and we will rectify immediately.

Q7. Are there any plans to improve the platform?

A7. Your suggestion and help is always welcome. We plan a Payment Gateway integration soon. We, also plan to have a Social media share feature for the Donation Receipt cards.

Q8. What happens when targets overshoot?

A8. We let them overshoot. Targets are suggestive goals. We rest final settlement on the individual, and collective wisdom of the donors.

Q9. How to reach out to the platform team?

A9. Click on the WhatsApp support link on the platform.

Q10. How can i help the platform.

A10. a) Launch your community campaign b ) Add beneficiaries to existing campaign c) Spread the message among potential Donors d) Help us represent to Government for getting our Donors, 80G tax exemption benefit e) Help us launch in other countries f) Help us improve with your suggestions g) Be a part of volunteer team h) Cheer for our team

Q11. How secure is the platform?

A11. Only users authenticated via Gmail verification are allowed on the platform. Gmail gives us only authentication service, and does not share any password information with us, as per it's usual terms and conditions. You can check out Platform Privacy Policy, and T&C hosted on the site menu. These documents are accessible even without logging onto the platform.