Platform Genesis

The World of charity is a World of benevolence, purification, karma, giving-back and gratitude. Connecting the gracious Donor to the beneficiary-in- need has been a traditional challenge. Centralized agencies solve a bit of this problem, but get rooted with new set of challenges of their own.

1. The choice of collective donation splits among beneficiaries, basis subjective need assessment, becomes the burden of few decision makers supervising the Central agency.

2. The individual donors cannot much influence the places where the charity should be directed. The charity process also cannot conveniently draw benefit from a round-the-clock open public vigilance.

3. The benefactor does not enjoy a personal warmth of receipt, and cannot extend a heartfelt gratitude for the individual who stood by her in times of difficulty.

4. The needs of beneficiaries could arise dynamically in time, and need to be constantly matched to the donation receipts, else donations need to be accumulated with an undue pressure to anticipate for future needs.

To mitigate above problems rooted in conventional aggregated de-personalized one-time charity, we are launching our platform to promote a sense of direct charity, and distributive justice in society. Charity as a regularised monthly habit can serve planning interest of a donor as much as the society-individual who needs it timely.

Much of technology has come to rescue to help us achieve our vision. The direct peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralised transfer, without any role of Central agent, is inspired from the Blockchain architecture of programming. The order in which beneficiaries are shown, follows a ranking algorithm so that the ones who need donor attention the most when you visit the wall are shown to you atop the list. We have a plan to build a customized UPI wrapper to incorporate a third party permission based information sharing feature. With that, we will also eliminate the manual bit of payment reporting, and proof upload.

Our key distinguishing feature is an information empowered direct and instantaneous money transfer to the fund-needing beneficiary. We believe the donors are wise enough to know where they would want to contribute their buck. This platform manages information score card. We rely on benevolent donors taking time to file-in their donation, and e-payment receipts here, which helps subsequent donors take their donation decisions. Donors can screenshot their platform verified transfer of payment receipt, and share it on Social-media to encourage spirit of donation, and the spread spirit of charity.

To enroll worthy beneficiaries on this platform is a challenge that is being currently addressed manually. With help of AI technology, we are contemplating a tool to preliminary estimate socio-economic status basis photographs submitted. Data mining from collaboration with Government agencies augmented with machine learning can help algorithms quantity the right extent of help a beneficiary needs and deserves.

We are thankful to IIM Lucknow community for participating in the first donation camp on this platform to help the unorganized workers who have lost income owing to Covid-19 pandemic. We count on this community to launch and advance our platform. Please visit the Campaign credits page and if you wish to actively participate, you are welcome to join this mission.

Happy Donation & Direct connect with the Beneficiary.

Pranav Patil | Kirteeraj Malkar