Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Direct Donor (beta version)

Direct Donor (DD) platform is designed and implemented to serve it's core purpose as an information score card in the world of charity. Inspired to help businesses, and people who lost their job owing to Covid, we are committed to evolve as an information platform in the world of benevolent charity.

DD operates only the space of information management, and is not involved in payment, money transfer or transaction that is of financial nature. DD encourages you to pay your donation directly to the beneficiary of your choice via media information provided on the platform. 

DD does not at any point collect any personal information pertaining to user debit card, credit card, net banking, money wallet passwords, and any other private information on instruments of financial nature. DD shares with all the donors, the Gpay number or Bank account transfer details of the registered beneficiaries so as to enable donors transfer their donations to the beneficiary of choice. These transfers happen directly through Gpay or internet banking, and do not involve oversight of DD whatsoever.

The information shared by donors with DD, post donation is of voluntary reporting nature, and is shared openly on the platform for consumption of future donors. Donors are made aware that their information will be shared on the platform, and are also given an option to stay anonymous. The donation information shared by donors is used to maintain an open-public information score card. This information score card enables donors to track the funds that beneficiaries have received, and helps them to take donation decisions according to the need fulfillment of beneficiary. 

DD does not collect any information without the consent of the beneficiaries and the donors. DD does not collect any information of the platform visitors, besides the Google login information, which is collected to keep a track of the visitors. DD does not share login information with any other party. The login information is only to facilitate the users, and on occasions to block the malevolent users from using the platform.

DD is committed to maintain privacy of it's users. The information collected is shared on the same platform for donor use, and such information that is shared is collected only with agreement of the users viz. beneficiaries or donors. Any unknown or unintended violation this policy should be brought to the notice of DD, and DD is committed to resolve the same at the earliest. The DD support contact information is provided for all users on the DD platform.

Special Note on information collected, use, and sharing with others:

Users: Gmail Login id: Used for portal management and interaction with user. Not shared with any other party.

Beneficiaries looking for funds: Photo, name, mobile contact, reason for fund requirement, fund amount required, Gpay or bank transfer details. Information is collected from the beneficiary, with the intent to share it openly on the DD portal. Information is provided on the platform to all visitors, who login with Gmail id.

Donors looking to donate: Name, background, amount donated against beneficiary, special remarks. Information is used to update fund fulfilment of the beneficiaries. Donor name, and background is displayed on platform, only if donor has chosen to not stay anonymous. Information is provided on the platform to all visitors, who login with Gmail id.

No background information collected: We do not collect any background information such as geographic location coordinates, or contacts from user's device. 

Third party sharing: We share all information collected with the consent of beneficiaries, and owners on the DD platform itself. We do not share any special information with any other exclusive third party, besides the platform