Terms & Conditions

1. Direct Donor (DD) is a donation related information score card platform.

2. Money transfer is direct between donor and beneficiary via Gpay or bank transfer details provided on platform. We have no role to play in money transfer beyond provision of transfer details verified by our team. If users spot any anamolies, they should be reported to us via WhatsApp support.

3. Donation reports filed by donors are verified by our team vis-a-vis Gpay or bank transfer receipts uploaded on the platform.

4. We encourage Donors to share their names, write a few lines, and allow us to share the same on the platform. We also encourage Donors to take a screenshot of their Direct Donor donation acknowledgement, and keep it as a memory or share it on social media to help the inspirational cause of Charity.

5. In event the Donors prefer to stay anonymous, they can indicate so in the checkbox provided while reporting their donation detail. In such a case, the donation amount reported will be adjusted against the target fund of beneficiary for the dashboard reporting purpose, but the donor details will not be disclosed on the platform.

6. We have a verification procedure, but we bank on our Donors to file accurate donation reports on the platform. We work on principle of community information, presented back to community for better decision making.

7. This product is in beta version of its trial. We appreciate our users report the experience to us, or give comments for improvement. These can be reported on the WhatsApp support group.

8. If you wish to add a beneficiary on the platform, you can report the same on the WhatsApp support group.

9. We trust your information support and benevolent use of the platform to advance the cause of direct, transparent, donor empowered social charity.